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Mask Cult is a private community aimed at developing the cryptoindustry itself. Society where collectors are the decision-makers, managers and profit gainers.











We make 2 Huge Giveaways for internet users to catch the interest of the Mask Cult.


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Early opportunity to join the rank of Cultists for the most active disciples.

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Big giveaway of 1 ETH and 3 NFT Masks for the first lucky Cult brothers and sisters.


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Donations of $10000 (in ETH) to Charity to demonstrate the influence of the Cult.


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Mask Cult is almost formed. This is the reason to thank lucky Cultists with 10x mint price reward.


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Community Fund forming: $5000 from the main sale + 100% of all royalties within a month and 50% after this period.
Start working on staking and Mask Cult token creation.


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objectives  01/05

Earn passively with the Community

 Huge percent of profit gained from the investment or business activity will be transferred to NFT holders. Propose your investment ideas, vote for those you like and earn passively from every successful investments or business projects.

The main Cult governance will be based on joint-stock company principles - 1 NFT equals 1 vote. Vote and decide how to develop the Community and what to do with its Fund.

1 NFT = 1 Vote

objectives  02/05

objectives  03/05


All operations made with Community Fund are transparent, so they will be recorded into the Ethereum blockchain and displayed in Discord channel.

objectives  05/05

Mask Cult Token is the Token with the real Value

Collect your tokens and swap it for the Community Fund's profit. We'll be making buybacks of all Mask Cult tokens that you have been mined. To make it fair the price of swap will be stable and derived from Community's Profit to Total number of Tokens ratio.

Get 1 Mask Cult Token with the real value for each day of staking.


objectives  04/05



Release Date

December 2021



1.  Founding a closed investment fund with wide range of investments opportunities;

2.  Efficient payments system development;

3.  Issuance of own ERC Token with the value ensured by Community Fund's Profit;

4.  Staking mechanism implementation to ensure equal payment distribution;

5.  A guarantee of an effective governance of the Community and its Fund;

1.  NFT holders are the decision makers on how to manage the Mask Cult collection;

2.  Votes distribution corresponds to number of NFTs owned by a voter;

3.  Community leaders implement the investment idea chosen by the community;

4.  Total transparency of Community funds;

5.  NFT holders are guaranteed a share in Community Fund's profit. Percent of distributed profit to the NFT holders depends on the complexity of chosen investment idea;

6.  Profit payments are based on buybacks of all mined Mask Cult Token within 3 days and with a fixed price. A price of buyback calculates according to the following formula:


7.  NFTs must be used in staking to participate in Community Profit Distribution. 1 NFT generate 1 Mask Cult Token per day;

8.  Remainder profit will return to the fund upon the end of the buyback period. These funds will serve as an reinforcement for the remaining circulating tokens and will be added to subsequent buybacks;

Buy Back Price = Total Mined Tokens / Net Profit Of Fund



How does Mask Cult hierarchy looks?

How do I get Whitelisted?

How does Cult works?

How to prove a Mask ownership?

When does Private Cultist channel open?

How many Masks can I mint per transaction?

Acolyte — Follower serving the Cult and still not having a Mask.

Cult Promoter (I, II or III level) — The Cult follower who distributes their ideas to people.

Cult Booster — The Cult admirer who made a sacrifice benefit to society.

Cultist — Mask owner and full member of our secret society. They have access to a hidden Discord channel where cultists run the community. Also, all cultists receive a profit from investments and other projects of the Cult.

OG Adept — Very first and helpful 111 supporters.

Inquisitor — Cultist having the power to introduce proper order in the community.

Leader — Founding Fathers of Mask Cult.

When Masks will be revealed?

Whitelist will be granted to the most active and helpful users. You can find full instruction in our Discord server:

Mask Cult is the society working on the principle of democracy. Cultists will be able to offer their ideas and vote for others’ ideas for community development. Also, cultists are responsible for wealth of the Cult and its investment ideas.

Use “Collab.Land” to get the role in our discord.

Private chat will be opened for all mask owners after the main sale.

All information about public minting will be revealed closer to the drop.

Masks will be revealed in 24 hours after the main drop.

All information about presale minting will be revealed closer to the drop.

How to mint if I’m whitelisted?

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